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Spandrel Glass

Spandrel glass is an integral component in modern architectural design, offering a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. The need for spandrel glass arises from its unique properties and uses. It serves as a transition between vision glass areas (windows) and opaque building components such as floors, columns, or HVAC systems.

Why Use Spandrel Glass?

With its opaque and non-transparent characteristics, spandrel glass plays a crucial role in concealing structural elements, enhancing building exteriors, and ensuring privacy. Spandrel glass is commonly found in commercial buildings, residential towers, and institutional structures where maintaining a uniform and visually appealing exterior is of paramount importance. 
We deal with both spandrel opaci-coat and spandrel frit glass

Advantages and Disadvantages


Aesthetic Enhancement

Spandrel glass allows architects and designers to create a harmonious and consistent appearance for the building's façade. It can be customized to match the color, texture, and pattern of the vision glass, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing exterior.

Solar Control

Spandrel glass can incorporate solar control coatings to mitigate heat gain and glare, contributing to energy efficiency and occupant comfort. This feature helps in reducing cooling loads, minimizing the reliance on artificial cooling systems, and promoting sustainable building practices.

Privacy and Concealment

Spandrel glass provides an effective solution for concealing interior spaces or building components that are not intended for public viewing. It maintains privacy while still allowing natural light to penetrate the building, striking a balance between openness and discretion.

Flexibility in Design

Spandrel glass offers design flexibility by accommodating various architectural styles and materials. It can be combined with other cladding systems, such as metal panels or stone veneers, to achieve the desired aesthetic effect and architectural expression.


Thermal Pressure

Because of its non-transparent nature and limited radiation of heat, spandrel glass is more vulnerable to heat stress than vision glass. To reduce the risk of thermal breakage, adequate thermal controls and consideration of components such as glass thickness, coatings, and ventilation are required.


Spandrel glass, especially when installed in colder areas, is susceptible to condensation on the inside surface. To avoid moisture buildup and protect the integrity of the glass and surrounding structure, proper insulation, vapour barriers, and humidity control techniques should be employed.

Limited Vision and Daylight

As spandrel glass is opaque, it obstructs direct views and reduces the amount of natural daylight entering the building's interior. This aspect should be carefully balanced with the desired architectural intent and functional requirements of the space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the advantages of spandrel glass?

Spandrel glass provides thermal insulation, sound insulation, and UV protection. It also adds aesthetic appeal to a building by creating a uniform appearance.

Q2. How does spandrel glass work?

Spandrel glass works by concealing the building’s structural elements and building systems while providing thermal insulation, sound insulation, and UV protection.

Q3. What materials are used for spandrel?
The materials used for spandrel include glass, ceramic frit, insulation, and structural support components.

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Application of Spandrel Glass

Spandrel Glass is an excellent choice for a variety of commercial applications due to its blend of design versatility, light transmission, and high-security features. It is commonly used in the following commercial sectors




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