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Aluminum Storefront Entrance

It is crucial to make a positive first impression and ensure that your storefront entry systems are not only visually appealing but also secure and functional. The front door of your store establishes the tone for their shopping experience At Unique Glass & Aluminum Solutions, we specialize in providing top-notch glass store front and aluminum entrance services, including installation, replacement and supply. With our expertise and commitment to excellence we can create an entrance that has a lasting impression.

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Whether you want installation, replacement, or supply, we have the skills, equipment, and commitment to make your entry a compelling and secure area. Contact us right away to discuss your needs and let us help you realize your vision. 

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Different Types of Storefront Doors

We can help you create an entrance that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. You can select from the different services that we offer

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Features of Storefront Doors

Commercial glass offers a range of advantages that make it an exceptional choice for various applications. These include:

Sleek and Modern

The clean lines and slim profiles of aluminum frames create a sleek and visually appealing look for commercial spaces.

Versatility in Design

Aluminum commercial storefronts doors provide design flexibility, they can accommodate different sizes of doors, types of glass, including clear, tinted, or frosted, and can be tailored to fit unique architectural styles and configurations.

Lightweight and Durable

Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum is remarkably durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions.

Enhanced Visibility

The large expanses of glass allow ample natural light to enter the space, creating an inviting and bright environment.

Low Maintenance

The material is resistant to rust, rot, and warping, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Routine cleaning and occasional lubrication of hardware are typically sufficient to keep the storefront in excellent condition.


What Is An Aluminum Storefront Door?

The use of aluminum frame in the construction of commercial shopfronts, which is valued for its durability and aesthetic looks is called a Storefront Door.

How Tall Is A Standard Storefront?

A normal storefront door's dimensions might vary based on the manufacturer and the exact application/installation. They normally range in width from 36 to 48 inches and in height from 80 to 84 inches.

What Is The Size Of A Standard Storefront Door?

A normal storefront door's dimensions might vary based on the manufacturer and the exact application/installation. They normally range in width from 36 to 48 inches and in height from 80 to 84 inches.

Benefits of Installing Aluminum & Glass Storefront Doors

Installing commercial storefront doors in company buildings has a lot of perks and benefits.

  1. Storefront doors make an attractive and welcoming entry that improves the establishment’s overall visual appeal. They aid in attracting clients and act as a visual reflection of your business.
  2. These doors offer increased protection, protecting your company’s valuables. Store front doors with cutting-edge locking mechanisms and robust materials serve as a deterrent to prospective burglars.
  3. They provide energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and limiting drafts, which lowers energy expenses.

Overall, Installing storefront doors are a smart investment that boosts the worth of your company and guarantees a great clientele experience. 

Applications In Industries

We understand the need of the commercial industries requiring the commercial aluminum storefront entry doors. We provide the application of aluminum and glass entrance in all the industries in Ontario, Canada




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Its important top deliver quality. Hence we are available to provide replacement, installation and supply in Ontario, Canada. To know which commercial areas we serve, have a look at the list of all our locations.


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