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Point Supported Systems

Point Supported Systems, key elements in façade engineering, offer a unique blend of frameless appearance and structural support. They provide maximum transparency, fostering an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends interior spaces with the outside world.

These systems come in various configurations such as Spider Fittings, Routel Systems, and Cable Net Systems, offering flexibility in design and high strength to accommodate diverse architectural needs and preferences.

Why Use Point Supported Systems?

Point Supported Systems have revolutionized architectural designs with their ability to create expansive glass walls. Offering a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics, these systems allow large glass panels to be integrated into the building’s structure, creating an illusion of infinite spaces and facilitating natural light. Crafted from high-strength materials, they provide robustness and resistance against environmental elements.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Aesthetically Pleasing

Creates expansive, frameless glass walls.


High-strength materials ensure lasting performance.


Built-in safety mechanisms resist environmental elements.

Light Penetration

Facilitates maximum natural light and offers panoramic views.


Design flexibility to cater to a variety of architectural needs.


High Cost

Can be higher due to specialized fittings and complex installation.


Regular inspection is necessary to ensure the security of bolted assemblies.


Requires professional expertise due to the complexity of the installation.

Energy Efficiency

Large glass panels may lead to increased energy costs if not thermally efficient.

Structural Requirements

Building structures need to be capable of supporting large glass facades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a point-supported glass system?

A point-supported glass system, also known as a spider glass system, is a type of curtain wall system that uses small stainless-steel fittings to hold glass panels in place.

Q2. How does a point supported glass system work?

It works through mechanical fasteners or fittings that directly connect the glass panels to the building’s structure, allowing load transfer and stability.

Q3. What are the primary components of a point supported glass system?
Main components include glass panels, point fittings, structural support (like beams or cables), and sealing materials.

Types of Glass Used in Point Supported Systems

In the construction of Point Supported Systems, various types of glass are employed, each offering distinct structural and aesthetic attributes. The three primary types of glass used are tempered, laminated, and insulated glass, selected for their safety, visual appeal, and performance under specific environmental conditions.

Each of these types of glass – tempered, laminated, and insulated – can be utilized individually or in combination in Point Supported Systems, contingent on the precise requirements of the project. The choice between tempered, laminated, and insulated glass is influenced by factors such as the architectural design, the project’s location, climate conditions, safety requirements, and aesthetic considerations.

Application of Point Supported Systems

Point Supported Systems are ideal for various applications due to their structural strength and aesthetic appeal. They can be used in:




Point Supported Systems offer both aesthetic appeal and structural support in modern architecture. Their frameless appearance, coupled with maximum transparency and design flexibility, makes them a popular choice for contemporary building projects.

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