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Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat strengthened glass is a similar process to tempering glass. However it is heat treated at a different temperature. This glass does not break into the small pieces like tempered glass. Hence is not considered safety glass. 

As an example, heat strengthened glass is used for conditions where there is the potential for a large amount of heat build up within a sealed unit (insulated glass unit).

Why Use Heat Strengthened Glass?

Heat strengthening minimizes the change of
breakage due to heat build up when there is a painted, fritted or opaque surface
on the glass. 
It can offers design flexibility, allowing for creative architectural elements while maintaining structural integrity. By investing in heat-strengthened glass, commercial businesses can ensure the longevity and safety of their buildings, creating a secure and visually appealing environment for employees and customers alike.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Increased Strength

Increased strength as compared to annealed.


Breaks into larger pieces thus educing the risk of injury from sharp shards.

Design Flexibility

Heat strengthened glass can be cut, drilled, and processed similarly to annealed glass.


Resistant to a variety of environmental factors.

Thermal Resistance

It can withstand moderate temperature variations, making it suitable for applications where exposure to sunlight and heat is a concern.


Limited Impact Resistance

It may not be suitable for applications where higher levels of impact resistance are required, such as in areas prone to severe weather conditions.

Breakage Pattern

Like tempered glass, which breaks into small, harmless pieces, heat-strengthened glass can break into larger shards.

Limited Availability

Its availability can vary depending on the region and local glass suppliers.


Professional installation needed due to the weight and complexity of the product.

Glazing Solutions For Commercial Glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the importance of glass strengthening?

Glass strengthening improves its resistance to stress, impact, and bending, making it safer and more durable for use in buildings, vehicles, and other applications.

Q2. Is heat-strengthened glass fire resistant?

Heat-strengthened glass has improved fire resistance compared to annealed glass, but it is not as fire-resistant as fully tempered or laminated glass.

Q3. What is the difference between heat strengthened and fully tempered glass?
Heat-strengthened glass is heated to a temperature and cooled slowly than fully tempered glass. This results in a lower level of compressive stress and less distortion, but also less strength and resistance to thermal stress.

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Application of Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass are an excellent choice for various applications due to their design versatility and safety features. They are commonly used in:

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