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Our Honorable Brands

New design capabilities in the manufacture of glass are boosting growth in the market. At the same time, this also means more choices available to the glass purchaser. Here are the list of brands that we proudly associate with our work.

Glass Manufacturers

Guardian Glass

They have been working with glass since 1932, and yet the limitless potential of this amazing material still fascinates and inspires us every day.


Viracon is a leading single-source architectural glass fabricator. We partner with best-in-class architecture firms and glazing contractors to provide great buildings with great glass - glass that inspires and turns buildings into icons.

PPG Industries

world’s leading coatings company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to protect and beautify their products and surroundings. This vision will guide us on our journey toward our common goals and principles.

Cardinal Glass

Cardinal Glass is known for design and fabricate the most advanced residential glass products in the industry.

Aluminum Manufacturers


Alumicor has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer for sustainable and innovative building solutions in the architectural and construction community.


Windspec Inc

Windspec Inc. maintains state of the art computer technology and, providing solutions to Architects, Specifiers

Commdoor Aluminum

Commdoor Aluminum provides high-quality architectural aluminum building products for engineers, architects, glazing contractors, designers and building owners.

Paints We Use

We provide direct solutions from the fao



Duranar XL

Powder Coat

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