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Frequently Asked Questions Tempered Glass

There are various types of commercial glasses. Tempered Glass is one of them. It hence, can be confusing to select the right option for commercial application. 

Q1. Can tempered glass crack?

Yes, tempered glass can crack under certain circumstances, such as extreme temperature changes or direct impacts.

Q2.How do you tell if glass is tempered?

One way to identify tempered glass is to look for small, square-shaped marks called "temper spots" on the surface of the glass.

Q3. How durable is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is very durable and can withstand significant impacts without breaking.

Q4. How much weight can tempered glass hold?

The weight that tempered glass can hold depends on its thickness and size, but it is generally much stronger than regular annealed glass

Q5. Can you drill holes in tempered glass?

No, tempered glass cannot be drilled once it has been tempered because it will shatter.

Q6. What is a key feature of tempered glass?

A key feature of tempered glass is its strength, which is due to the tempering process that involves heating and cooling the glass to create internal stress.

Q7.: Do scratches weaken tempered glass?

Scratches do not weaken tempered glass, but they can cause stress concentrations that may lead to breakage

Q8. Is tempered glass affordable?

Tempered glass is generally more expensive than regular annealed glass due to the additional processing involved in tempering.
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