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About Us

Unique Glass & Aluminum Solutions is a pioneer in the industry, offering customized and innovative solutions in the realm of glass and aluminum design and installation. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, creative, and tailored services to our clients throughout the country.

We recognized the potential for these materials to craft breathtaking aesthetic statements while also upholding rigorous standards of durability and efficiency. We cater to a wide variety of sectors, our offerings range from stunning glass interiors and exteriors, to robust aluminum installations, to unique, mixed-medium architectural feats.

Our Mission

At Unique Glass & Aluminum Solutions, our commitment is twofold: To our craft, and to our clients.

We are continuously exploring innovative techniques and technologies in glass and aluminum design. We strive to stay at the forefront of our industry, not just to meet the current trends but also to set new ones.

As for our clients, their satisfaction is our prime focus. We invest time to understand their needs and aspirations, then apply our skills and creativity to exceed those expectations. We believe every project is unique, and thus, it deserves a unique solution.

Services We Offer

We are pro in installation, repair and replace all commercial glass doors and commercial aluminum doors. Here are the list of more service that we provide in Ontario

Skylight Solutions in Ontario

Having a skylight can benefit any building or business. We install, repair and replace quality skylight that extend to roof windows and flat roof solutions 

Stair Railings Solutions

We install heavy shoe glass balustrades and stair railings. However, we are flexible to install from the shoe options that best suit your application

Curtain Walls Solution

At Unique Glass and Aluminum Solutions we engineer a comprehensive range of curtain wall systems available in traditional stick fabrication and unitized options.

Applied Films

A decent well defined applied film can determine in reducing heat spots, help hold broken glass, help deter intruders to gain uncalled entry. Our team of experts shall help determine your need and film that would suit your purpose 

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