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Unitized Curtain Walls

Unitized curtain walls refer to a type of building facade system where the curtain wall panels are pre-fabricated and assembled into individual units in a factory-controlled environment. These pre-assembled units, known as “panels,” are then transported to the construction site and installed on the building’s structure using a crane or other lifting equipment.

Why Use Stick Built Curtain Wall?

The primary structure of unitized curtain walls features aluminum or steel frames, specifically designed to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction. These frames are skillfully filled with energy-efficient glazing options, such as single, double, or triple-glazed glass units with low-emissivity coatings. The result is enhanced weatherproofing and insulation, minimizing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendly practices.

The weatherproofing techniques employed in unitized curtain walls are paramount to their success. Expertly crafted sealants and gaskets ensure a secure and weathertight connection between individual panels, preventing water infiltration and air leakage. This level of detail guarantees long-term performance and durability, even in the face of challenging environmental conditions. Safety and functionality go hand in hand with unitized curtain walls. These versatile systems can be designed to meet fire resistance requirements, adhering to local building codes and safety standards. They also offer excellent acoustic properties, ensuring a serene and peaceful environment in bustling urban areas.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Faster Installation

Unitized curtain walls are pre-fabricated and assembled in controlled factory conditions, which speeds up the installation process on-site. This reduces construction time and helps in achieving project timelines efficiently.

Enhanced Quality Control

Being assembled in a factory setting allows for rigorous quality control measures. Each unit is manufactured with precision, ensuring consistent quality and performance, which may be challenging to achieve with on-site construction.

Improved Weatherproofing

Unitized curtain walls are designed with tight seals and gaskets, providing superior weatherproofing and reducing the risk of water infiltration and air leakage. This results in better energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Efficient Traffic Flow

The design of unitized curtain walls allows for smooth and continuous traffic flow, as multiple users can enter and exit the building simultaneously. This is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas, where conventional doors may cause congestion.

Safety and Versatility

Unitized curtain walls are engineered to meet safety standards and can be customized to fit various architectural designs. They offer flexibility in terms of aesthetics, glazing options, and structural performance, making them suitable for a wide range of projects.


High Initial Cost

The initial cost of unitized curtain walls can be higher compared to traditional stick-built systems. The expenses involve factory fabrication, specialized equipment for installation, and transportation of pre-fabricated units to the construction site.

Transportation Challenges

Transporting pre-assembled units to the construction site can be logistically challenging, especially for projects located in remote or congested areas. Careful planning and coordination are required to avoid delays and damage during transit.

Limited On-site Customization

While unitized curtain walls offer design flexibility during the pre-fabrication phase, on-site customization options are limited. Changes or modifications during installation may be difficult and costly to implement.

Repairs and Maintenance

In the event of damage or malfunction, repairing unitized curtain walls might require specific replacement parts or skilled technicians familiar with the system. This could lead to longer lead times for repairs compared to traditional stick-built systems.

Weight and Structural Considerations

The weight of unitized curtain wall panels can be substantial, necessitating careful consideration of the building's structural capacity to support the additional load. Proper engineering and coordination with the building's overall design are essential to ensure safety and stability.

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