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Stick Built Curtain Wall

Stick built curtain walls are constructed on-site, using individual components that are assembled and installed piece by piece. They are commonly used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, and other commercial spaces that desire an aesthetically pleasing and functional exterior.

Why Use Stick Built Curtain Wall?

Stick built curtain walls are highly popular in the construction industry due to their flexibility, design options, and cost-effectiveness. We specialize in providing high-quality stick-built curtain wall solutions tailored to your commercial needs. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering customized and reliable curtain wall systems that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and performance of your commercial building.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Design Flexibility

Stick built curtain walls allow for intricate and customized designs, making them ideal for architectural projects that require unique shapes, curves, or patterns. This flexibility enables architects to create visually stunning facades that stand out.


Stick built curtain walls are often more cost-effective compared to unitized curtain walls, as they require less specialized equipment for installation. This makes them a preferred choice for projects with tight budgets.

Easy Replacement and Maintenance

In the event of damage or necessary maintenance, stick built curtain walls are easier to repair or replace since each component can be individually addressed. This reduces costs and minimizes disruption to building occupants.

Availability of Local Materials

Stick built curtain walls can be assembled on-site using locally sourced materials, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. This makes them a sustainable choice that supports the local economy.


Longer Installation Time

Stick built curtain walls require more on-site assembly compared to unitized curtain walls, which can lead to longer installation times. This may impact construction schedules, especially in projects with strict deadlines.


The installation process of stick built curtain walls involves labor-intensive work. This requires skilled labor and careful coordination to ensure accurate assembly.

Weather Dependency

Stick built curtain walls are susceptible to weather conditions during the installation process. Adverse weather, such as rain or strong winds, can cause delays or affect the quality of the installation.

Potential for Inconsistent Quality

Since stick-built curtain walls are assembled on-site, the quality of the final product relies on the craftsmanship and attention to detail during installation. Inconsistencies may occur if the installation team lacks experience or proper supervision.

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